Water damage, if left untreated, can quickly spiral out of control and cause you a lot more damage and headaches than you ever expected.

Don’t wait a second; you need to call the professionals as soon as possible. The sooner you begin the water damage restoration process, the better off you, and your property will be. Water damage, if left unattended, can quickly spread and worsen, posing serious health and safety problems for your family or employees. Any water which has entered your property due to storm or flood damage can contain some harmful hazards, such as, mould, bacteria, contaminants, and pathogens.

Water damage can often lead to structural problems, as well as electrical problems which could all potentially maim or kill you. If you want to avoid mold, rot or any structural damage due to dampness, it is vital that you call the professionals at Water Restoration Pros to begin a thorough drying our process as soon as possible.

Our team of qualified and professional technicians has the knowledge and equipment to guarantee that your home or business is dried out, and the cleanup process can begin before any water damage or rot can worsen. By acting quickly, you can prevent the loss of many of your personal items and property.

The process we use is as follows:

  • We extract all water From Affected Areas Using State of the art Extraction Machines.
  • We spray the affected area with an antimicrobial (anti-mold treatment, stops it from growing).
  • We spray the carpet with anti-browning solution so the carpet does not discolor and to maintain its original state.

  • We push the anti-browning and antimicrobial into the carpet using a carpet bonnet/Carpet Buffer. Then Deodorize.
  • Depending on the quantity of water, we might use dehumidifiers or a blower to help dry the carpet and underlay.
  • Then we do the final clean Includes Deodorizing and sanitizing.

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