Your Health is our Priority

Consistent disinfection fogging service always ensuring our customers are 100% safe & satisfied. Products used are of high-quality made in Australia and are safe for humans and pets.   

This disinfectant includes ingredients which have been carefully chosen for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment. A safety profile ensures convenient application for users, safe for all surfaces and can even misted safely in the presence of humans and pets and plants, but on the other hand it's very effective for a fast kill of all harmful bacteria and viruses this fogging disinfectant can last up to seven days depending on the surface covered. We focus on the details hence you have a clean home or workplace every time.

A Cleaner & Safe Environment

Our disinfectant fogging service delivers a Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant across all Facilities. We use state of the art fogging technology which will penetrate even the smallest gaps ensuring every surface is covered killing viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes of contact. We customise our services to meet your specific needs. Our process is an effective way to disinfect small and large spaces without touching.

  • Homes & Apartments
  • Office & Factory Buildings  
  • Schools & Universities
  • Daycare & Child Care Centres

  • Restaurants & Retail Shops
  • Shopping & Community Centres
  • Hospitals & Medical Centres
  • Recreation Centres & Gyms

  • Children Entertainment Centres
  • Motor Vehicle & Buses & Trains
  • Any Automotive regardless of size


Is Physical Cleaning Enough?

No matter how comprehensive a physical cleaning and disinfection regime is, it is extremely difficult to completely eliminate microbial cross contamination from surfaces and the air which could cause product/process spoilage and safety issues. Whilst targeted physical cleaning and disinfection regimes may be sufficient to maintain day to day contamination, they are not necessarily sufficient to eliminate the array of micro-organisms which can persist in facilities, sometimes for years.

Eco-Friendly & Safe in all Areas

Fogs can be administered through Ulta Low Volume (UVL) or electrostatic (ES) foggers and can achieve high levels of airborne and surface decontamination. Fogging works include dispersion of Chlorine Dioxide liquid solution into ultra-fine aerosol to provide even disinfection across surfaces. Aerosol is generated through the utilisation of electrostatic ULV fogging apparatus. We can disinfect homes, offices, workplace and more by delivering a broad-spectrum disinfection fogging misting service, targeting both surfaces and inaccessible areas. Disinfection high touch areas such as lifts buttons, reception areas, kitchen and other areas.

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All our services can be altered and designed especially as per your needs and requirements